Integration Guide

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Connecting to Visual Studio Team Services

  1. This process requires an existing Microsoft account with VSTS git projects.
  2. On your Jira Cloud dashboard menu, go to Git > Manage Git Repositories.
  3. The git configuration page for connecting repositories is displayed.
  4. On the Auto-connect integration panel, click Microsoft.
  5. git for jira cloud auto-connect panel - select vsts
  6. On the following screen, select Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) then click Next
  7. Login to your Microsoft account when prompted.
  8. The following permissions screen is displayed:
  9. git for jira cloud authentication screen for microsoft account
  10. Click Accept to authorize access for Git for Jira Cloud.
  11. Repositories of the logged in Microsoft user can be automatically connected to Jira Cloud.  Repositories that are added or removed from VSTS will be likewise connected or disconnected from Jira Cloud.
  12. Click Connect.  For now, only git projects are supported from VSTS.