Git Integration Plugin for JIRA

  • See commit author, commend, files changed and repository
  • Review commits by ticket, project and project version
  • Link to external repository

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The Git Integration for JIRA add-on is for users of the Git source code control system and Atlassian JIRA

The JIRA Git Plugin is an add-on for your existing JIRA server that combines the data in your Git repository with the projects and issues in JIRA.

No special knowledge or experience with Git is needed

The Git Integration for JIRA add-on is simple and easy to use.

Even non-technical users will be able to make sense of what is happening in the Git repository when it is presented along side the JIRA issues and projects that they already understand.

See all Git commits associated with an issue in JIRA

View git commits and code diffs via Issue page  >  Git Commits tab.  JIRA users will be able to see code in Git in context with JIRA projects and issues and work with Git in the familiar JIRA interface.

Easily answer questions about your projects:

  • Who's coded on this issue?
  • Who was last to touch code in an issue?
  • How long ago was code changed in an issue?
  • What did changed in the code?
  • What code changes went out in a certain version?

What kind of people use Git Integration Plugin for JIRA?

  • Developers
  • Release managers
  • Team leads
  • Software testers
  • Product Managers, etc.
mail Easy to install

No changes necessary to your Git server.  This JIRA add-on acts as a regular Git client.

locked Reliable support

We provide dependable support and assistance.

creditcard JIRA Universal Plugin Manager

Plugin installation requires JIRA UPM version 2.2 and higher.

dev Supports Atlassian JIRA 7.0

All BigBrassBand products support Atlassian JIRA 6.0 and higher.

globe Atlassian Marketplace certified

Our products are approved by the Atlassian Marketplace.

support Manual installation

JIRA administrators can install our add-ons manually via Upload add-on.

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