Git Integration for Jira

View Git Commits, Branches, Tags and Pull Requests in Jira. Connect git servers + GitHub, AWS CodeCommit, GitLab & Azure Repos VSTS/TFS

Integrate Jira with any git repository + these special integrations:

Bring clarity to development

Combine the data in your Git repository with the projects and issues in Jira and you will always know what changed in the code and who did the changes.


Even non-technical users will understand what is happening in your Git repository when it is presented along side Jira issues and projects.

View Commits in Jira
See who authored the commit, time of commit and the source code diff via the Git Commits tab on the Issues page.
Smart Commits
Add #comments, add #time, and #transition Jira issues with Git commits.
Manually edit commit association
Manually associate commits when nedeed.
View source code
View and compare code between branches and see the difference.
Git specific JQL
Search issues with git associated changes.
Create branches
Create branches directly from Jira.
Create pull requests
Create pull requests directly from Jira
Project permissions
Configure access to commits and source code.
Start working better today
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Boost productivity
Instant integration

Add one, ten or thousands of repositories with a single integration. Or add multiple integrations to manage repositories in smaller batches using GitLab Groups, GitHub organizations, or to manage Jira permissions for specific groups.

Deployment options available
For Jira Cloud
  • Rapid install and setup.
  • Deep integration with Jira Cloud.
  • Ease of administration/​configuration.
  • Instant access to new releases and upgrades.
For Jira Server
  • Integrations with popular git hosting.
  • Additional options for customization, administration, and extensibility.
  • Regular app updates available.
For Jira Data Center
  • Jira Server features +
  • Designed for multi-node Jira deployments.
  • Approved by Atlassian's Data Center readiness program.
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The Git Integration Plugin for Jira add-on makes Jira so much more convenient to use with direct links back to the code from the issue reports.
Nice integration tool that provides useful GIT information on Jira tasks. Superb and quick support.
Great plugin with stunning support - near real-time responses for issues. We are integrating Jira with Gitlab using this plugin and it works as expected.
Dev Info for Jira

Connects Jira Development Information and your git repository to view commits, branches and Pull Requests in Jira.

Our tools for Git Integration
Git Integration for Jira
View Git Commits, Branches, Tags and Pull Requests in Jira
Dev Info for Jira
View Git Commits, Branches, Tags and Pull Requests in Jira
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