Integration Guide

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AWS CodeCommit is a git host service by Amazon Web Services to store and manage source code, related files and private Git repositories in the cloud.

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You can use the AWS CLI or the AWS CodeCommit console to track and manage your repositories.

Connecting to AWS CodeCommit


The Server version of Git Integration for Jira add-on only accepts SSH connections.

For detailed information on managing public SSH keys in AWS IAM console, see AWS SSH Security Settings open in new tab .

SSH connections are handled automatically if the PUBLIC KEY was added in the AWS IAM console and the associated PRIVATE KEY was added/uploaded on the Jira side (Git Integration for Jira > SSH Keys > Add SSH Key).

For more information on SSH Keys with AWS, see this article open in new tab .

If authentication issues are encountered during connecting an AWS repository to Jira, modify the original URL by inserting the SSH Key ID as the username.  The SSH Key ID is an alphanumeric sequence provided by AWS IAM when importing a PUBLIC KEY for a particular user account in IAM.

Like in the URL example above (Git for Jira Cloud), insert the SSH Key ID to the original URL and use the modified URL in the Connect to Git Repository wizard > Repository location field:

  1. Go to Administration > Applications (Jira 6.x - Go to Administration > Add-ons).
  2. On the sidebar, under Git Integration for Jira, select Git Repositories.
  3. On the following screen, click Connect to Git Repository.
  4. Clicking the dropdown arrow will display supported git host-specific connection setup.  For this case, select AWS CodeCommit.
  5. Enter the modified URL in the Repository location field.
  6. Connect to Git Repository screen - entering the modified URL in the Repository location field
  7. Click Next.
  8. Set repository options then click Next.
  9. Click OK to complete this process.