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Adding a Repository Hosted on Windows Servers or Windows Network Share

Add a new network share or Windows server hosted repository via the Connect to Git Repository wizard.

For detailed information and step-by-step guide on this integration, see Integration Guide - Windows Network/Server Share.

Setup Repository Root Not Located in Jira Home Directory

There are three possible ways to setup a repository root that is not located in the Jira home directory:

  • Clone the repository outside of Jira then connect to it via Connect to Git Repository  >  Advanced Setup.
  • Clone the repository with the standard Connect to Git Repository Wizard into the Jira home directory.  Soon afterwards, move the cloned repository and update the settings on the repository.
  • You could symlink the {$Jira_HOME}/data/git-plugin directory to a different volume.  The standard Connect to Git Repository Wizard will still write there, but the data will reside on the different volume.  But be aware, that Git add-on treats anything in the Git-Plugin folder as a clone that it owns.


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