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You must be a member of the jira-developers group to start reindex.

Synchronization between the repository and add-on will start automatically, however, reindexing may be required to manually start the synchronization process.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. To start update of all repositories, go to the Git Integration for Jira add-on Git Repositories tab then click Reindex All button.  Once synchronization is started, the progress will be displayed on this tab.
  2. If a specific repository needs to be synchronized, click the Action cog  icon then Reindex.

Click the view see icon to see the reindex progress of the selected repository.

Git log entries may not immediately appear when you open Git Commits tab right after the add-on installation.  You need to wait until the revision indexer job completes the initial synchronization.
helpful tip
For advanced administrators who want to have more control on reindex, see the Git Integration for Jira Reindex API.
As of Jira 6.3.10, Atlassian added the Scheduler Administration (Administration > System > Scheduler Details) page.  This page displays the properties of the Jira internal scheduler, the scheduled jobs and their triggers.
helpful tip
The Repository Reindex (GitRevisionIndexerJob) can be configured in the General Settings page of the Git add-on.

Last Indexed Revision

The add-on stores the ID of the last indexed commit for each branch.  This ID is used to limit the processed data upon reindex or update.  This way, only new commits will be indexed on the next synchronization.

Click the Actions cog  icon then Reset to reset the Last Indexed date.  Perform this process whenever an add-on is updated or re-installed.

Reindex and updatedDate Filter

The Git Add-on automatically changes the updatedDate of an issue when a Git commit is added to an issue upon reindex.  When the reindex encounters a commit previously modified by the user relating to an issue, that issue will be updated.

You can enable or disable this setting in the Git Add-on General Settings screen > Jira Issue Updates.

As of v2.5.16, the Git add-on updates the "updatedDate" field whenever a commit is made.


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