Managing License Key Jira Server

In most cases, when a new license for an add-on is purchased, the new license key can be retrieved from Atlassian.  Replace the trial license key with the purchased one in the Manage add-on configuration page.

helpful info
The evaluation license key is automatically configured upon the first installation of the Git Integration for Jira add-on.

Log in to your My Atlassian Account open in new tab where you will see the purchased license.  From there, you can find the key:

My Atlassian account licenses page

Go to the Git Integration for Jira add-on configuration (Jira Administration > Add-ons > Manage add-ons).

Managing license keys for Git add-on in Manage add-ons screen

Click the pencil icon Edit icon to enter/change the License key.

Git plugin manage license keys
  • After the 30-day evaluation period has expired, administrators can renew the evaluation for a total of 90 days.  Paste the new license key in the provided field to activate a new trial period.
  • Upon purchasing the Git add-on, the license key can be pasted on the provided field.  Click Update to save the new license key.

Jira Cloud

  • Jira Cloud's licensing is all handled automatically by Atlassian.
helpful tip
If the License key field is blank, you need to obtain a license for the Git Integration add-on. Click Buy now or Free trial. Login to your Atlassian account, when prompted, to acquire the license based on your selected license mode.