Git Integration for Jira product feature

The Git Integration for Jira add-on is for users of the Git source code control system and Atlassian Jira

The Git Integration for Jira is an add-on for your existing Jira server/cloud that combines the data
in your Git repository with the projects and issues in Jira.

No special knowledge or experience with Git is needed

The Git Integration for Jira add-on is simple and easy to use.

Git Commits

See who made the commit, time of commit and source code diff via the Git Commits tab on the Issues page.

Git Commits feature

Git Activity Stream

View list of events and activities by the current user and other people working on the issue.

Git activity stream feature

Supports all Git Servers

Git Integration Plugin for Jira supports most or all git servers including:

GitLab, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Team Services, GitHub, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, BitBucket Server, Beanstalk, Git on Linux, Bonobo, Git on Windows, Gitolite, Gerrit, GitBlit, Windows share, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, git protocol, local file path, and network path.

Git Web Linking feature
git plugin Seamless Jira and Git integration

Puts Git in context with Jira to understand development status.

jira agile Integrates with Jira Agile

Git Integration for Jira add-on supports Jira Agile.

jql search JQL Search

Search Git commits in JQL with Git Integration for Jira.

git viewer Repository Browser

Browse git repositories inside Jira and view files and commits and compare between branches.

bulk change Bulk Change

Bulk change for easy management of 1000s of repositories.

git summary Git Summary tab

Git Summary tab summarizes and sorts commit data: first/last commit, days since last commit, lines changed, by developer.

smart commits Smart Commits

Add #comments, add #time, and #transition Jira issues with Git commits.

git email notification Commit Email Notifications

The user will get e-mail notifications when watching an issue or repository.

localization Localization support

English, German, Russian, French, Polish, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese language translations.

Trusted by over 5000+ organizations in 70 countries. Tested on large Jira installs with huge Git repositories.


"The Git Integration Plugin for Jira add-on makes Jira so much more convenient to use with direct links back to the code from the issue reports."
Fons Rademakers
Senior Scientist at CERN

Introduce Git Integration for Jira add-on to your organization.


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