Git Integration for Jira
View commits, create pull requests and more

How it works
The Git Integration for Jira app supports most or all git servers including: GitLab, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, GitHub, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, Beanstalk, Bonobo, Git, Gitolite, Gerrit, GitBlit and much more.
Instant integration

Add one, ten or thousands of repositories with a single integration. Or add multiple integrations to manage repositories in smaller batches using GitLab Groups, GitHub organizations, or to manage Jira permissions for specific groups.

Main features

Viewing: Commits, branches, pull requests and tags in Jira

Create branches and pull requests
Compare code in Jira
Smart Commits

Smart Commits allows your team to perform actions on Jira issues from a single commit. Users can enter the issue key and the desired action such as time tracking or closing an issue.

Project permissions

Restrict acess to the repository browser for the repository by associating the project permissions.

Webhooks support

Trigger immediate reindex of your repositories from remote systems via webhooks. Reindex all repositories, integrations, repositories and parse webhook payload from GitHub, GitLab.

More Jira + Git features
Git Roll Up issue tab
JQL Searching
Repository Browser
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