The Git Integration for Jira is intended for displaying list of commits linked with a particular Jira issue. It is often useful to figure out real issue progress as well as contributors involved in the real work of an issue. The Git Integration add-on pulls data from a Git source code control repository. Your Jira users will be able to see code in Git in context with Jira projects and issues. Even non-technical users without Git access will be able to work with Git in the familiar Jira interface. New tabs are added to the Issue view called Git Roll Up and Git Commits. The Git Commits tab is also added to the Project view. Users who access these tabs will see the Git activities. The Git dropdown is added to the Jira dashboard menu. This feature is available starting v2.5+ of the Git Integration for Jira app.

The Git Integration for Jira app is available for Jira Server, Data Center and Cloud. It supports seamless integration with most git hosts and can be configured with ease. Throughout the documentation, you will encounter several platform markers such as JIRA SERVER JIRA CLOUD DATA CENTER . These markers indicate the specific Jira platform that the selected topic or section supports. If no markers are present, all Jira platforms are supported. Click on the next topic on the sidebar to know more about the Git Integration for Jira app's administrative requirements.

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