Better PDF Exporter for Jira


Better PDF Exporter for Jira is an Atlassian Jira app that generates professional documents from the information you track in Jira. It exports reports in the much familiar PDF file format which is the most widely-used electronic document format.


Generate customizable PDF document reports within Jira such as issue list, dashboards, timesheets, release notes, story cards and other custom documents.

Easy Peasy

Customize content, look and logic. Design the layout or choose from the templates and transform information into presentable reports.

Integration with Git Integration for Jira app

Export the Git Commits associated with Jira issues into a nice-looking PDF report including the information for each commit such as repository name, branch name, commitID (hash), author, date and time, message (comment), git notes, changed files and statistics. Git Integration for Jira specific custom field types like gitBranch and gitCommitsReferenced can also be exported to PDF.

The Git Integration for Jira app is supported on 8.3.0 and newer versions of the Better PDF Exporter for Jira app.

See it work

This example captures the details of the commit showing the repository name, branch and commit information, etc.

This example shows the list of the state of all the issues ina Scrum sprint.

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