Git Integration for Jira Server/Cloud
Hook and API Reference

Welcome to the Git Integration for Jira add-on hooks and API reference page.

On this page, you will find the list of available hooks, webhooks and APIs supported by the Git add-on.  Click on a topic title to view its content.


The Commit-msg Hook

The commit-msg hook is a python script file that must be located in the developer's local repository.

The Server-side Hook

Use server-side hooks to apply policies for your project.  The server runs these scripts before and after the push.  The server-side hook, like commit-msg hook, requires Python to be installed.

Jira Workflow Hook

Use JavaScript as another workflow to operate Jira aside from Smart Commits.



Trigger immediate reindex of your repositories from remote systems via webhooks.


Bulk Change

The bulk change API extends the possibility of importing and exporting repository configuration by automating the process via scripts.


The Repository REST API allows query of the project repository list; as well as adding, updating and deleting repositories from the Git add-on repository configuration.


Call the Reindex REST API to have more control on indexing.

  • Reindex POST  –  Starts the reindex process in a separate thread and returns the result immediately.
  • Reindex GET  –  Use this method to track messages for a particular thread.


  • Get Commits  –  Call the Get Commits API to obtain commit information associated with an issue.
  • showFiles Commits  –  Extend the Commits API to review which files changed related to a specific Jira issue.
  • Get Commit Issue Changes  –  Returns the list of issues associated with the commit.
  • Update Commit Issue Changes  –  Updates the list of issues associated with the commit.


Gets list of branches associated to a ticket.


Returns several latest tags for the issue.  Tags are sorted in chronological order from newest to oldest.

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