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This page contains related questions about installation management of Git Integration for Jira add-on.

Use the FAQ below to find answers to common questions.  Feel free to contact our support team (support@bigbrassband.com) if you don't see what you're looking for.

Uninstall/Reinstall Questions

1. How do I reinstall the plugin?
  1. Do a full uninstall of the plugin as detailed in here.
  2. Install the Git Integration for Jira add-on as outlined in here.
2. How do I uninstall the Git Integration Plugin for Jira add-on and remove its data?

The following steps will remove the Git Integration Plugin for Jira add-on and delete its data from Jira:

  1. Uninstall the Git Integration Plugin for Jira add-on from the Jira UPM (Universal Plugin Manager).

    Go to Jira Administration > Add-ons > Manage add-ons.  Under User-installed add-ons, select Git Integration Plugin for Jira then click Uninstall.
  2. Delete all repositories:
  3. rm -rf $Jira_HOME/data/git-plugin
  4. Delete the index:
  5. rm -rf $Jira_HOME/caches/indexes/plugins/jira-git-*
  6. Remove the Git Integration Plugin for Jira add-on tables (all tables starting with AO_8BA09E_) from the Jira database.
  7. Credentials are usually located in $Jira_HOME/dbconfig.xml.  There is no standard SQL command to remove all tables by prefix.  The list of tables depends on the installed Git Integration Plugin for Jira add-on version.  All the tables are displayed in Jira Administration > System > Plugin Data Storage.
  8. Remove the table by performing the following SQL command: DROP TABLE table_name.
3. The last page of the documentation shows how to upgrade an old version of the Git Integration Plugin for Jira add-on.  Step 3 says: "Remove Git Integration Plugin for Jira add-on indexing service."  There are 2 services listed: GitRevisionIndexerJob AND Git Revision Indexing Service.  Which should I delete?

GitRevisionIndexerJob is the correct one.  Keep that job.

Git Revision Indexing Service is an old job and should be removed.

4. In the temp location, I see several jar files with different versions updated at the same time.  What would be the procedure for cleaning them up?

Make sure that the UPM add-on installed in your Jira instance is the latest version.

The goal here is to end up with only one copy of the jira_git_plugin jar file in the ./home/plugins/installed-plugins folder and all others removed:

  1. Stop Jira.
  2. Fully clean up the plugin temp folders or at least remove these kind of files:
  3. JIRA_INSTALL_FOLDER/temp/*_git_plugin-*.jar
  4. Remove all versions of the Git Plugin from installed-plugins folder except the latest version (JIRA_HOME_FOLDER/plugins/installed-plugins/*jira_git_plugin-x.y.z.jar): JIRA_HOME_FOLDER/plugins/installed-plugins/*_git_plugin-*.jar
  5. Run Jira.

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