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This page contains solutions related to Git Integration for JIRA add-on installation.

Use the FAQ below to find answers to common questions.  Feel free to contact our support team (support@bigbrassband.com) if you don't see what you're looking for.

Installation Questions

1. Does it take long to install?

No.  With Atlassian Marketplace, you can install the add-on from inside of your JIRA server using your browser.  You don't have to go to the server command line to copy files or configure XML files.

2. I don't know Git  —  what will I need to install the add-on?

For the most common setups, the URL to your Git server and credentials to access it.  Tell your Git administrator that you need access to the Git repository just like a regular developer would have.  They will provide what you need.

3. What will my JIRA look like after it is installed?

A new tab is added in each issue.

A new tab is added in each project.

4. How do I install the plugin in a development version of JIRA?

Atlassian has posted the following relevant information regarding Atlassian Marketplace addons and development licenses of JIRA:


Which points to:

Licensing and Paid via Atlassian Listings

Go to the section titled, "Can customers use developer licenses for my add-on?", which has instructions on how to get a developer license for add-ons.

In summary:
A developer license can be generated (free of charge) once the plugin has been purchased and can only be installed on a development licensed version of JIRA.


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