Integration Guide

github logo GitHub Integration with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Jira Cloud

Connecting to a GitHub Account with Enabled MFA

This process requires an existing MFA-enabled GitHub account.

While instructions from GitHub works just fine, here are some specific instructions to get you up and running:

  1. Login to your GitHub account then go to your Profile Settings.
  2. Under Developer settings click Personal access tokens.
  3. Generate a new personal token.
  4. Give the token a description. (For example, "Git for Jira Cloud")
  5. Select the "repo" and selecting all three scopes under it.
  6. GitHub MFA generate access token
  7. Click Generate Token.
  8. Copy the token – (this is the ONLY time you'll see the token)
  9. Go to Manage Git Repositories (Dashboard > Git menu) in Jira Cloud.
  10. Enter the URL to your GitHub repository.
  11. Add your username and token you copied from step 7.

There will be a slight delay in adding this repository compared to others.  It will show in the git configuration list eventually.