Tracked Folder and Special Integrations

On this page you'll find topics about connecting tracked folders and special integrations such as GitLab, GitHub and AWS CodeCommit.

Adding Tracked Folders


Introduced in v2.9.0 of the Git Integration for Jira app, this feature scans a locally accessible path for cloned Git repositories and automatically imports those Git repository references into Jira. A repository group called FOLDER is added into the Git Integration app repository settings.

Manage git repositories page - Connect to git repository - Add tracked folder

For a more detailed information about this integration, see Integration Guide - Adding Tracked Folders new tab/window.


For more information on integration, we recommend that you read Integration Guide -

Auto-connect GitLab Server

For detailed information and step-by-step guide on GitLab CE/EE integration, we recommend you to read Integration Guide - GitLab CE/EE.


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Auto-connect AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit is a git host service by Amazon Web Services to store and manage source code, related files and private Git repositories in the cloud. This service works like a Git-based repository providing similar functions to that of a git host.

For more information on AWS CodeCommit configuration and deployment, see AWS CodeCommit User Guide.

For detailed information and step-by-step guide on AWS CodeCommit integration, we recommend you to read Integration Guide - AWS CodeCommit.

Automatically Connect to HTTPS Git Repositories with Self-signed SSL Certificates or Other SSL issues


Self-signed certificates are common in HTTPS Git repositories that are hosted privately. Even for an administrator, it's not easy to set the HTTP sslVerify to connect to this repository.

As of v2.11.2 of the Git add-on, the Jira administrator now has the option to disable sslVerify for specific repositories while inside Jira.

This feature is available in Connect to Git Repository wizard and Auto-connect integration panel for GitHub and GitLab:

  1. Connect a repository via Manage Git Repositories page.
  2. Add a remote repository by clicking GitLab in the Auto-Connect integration panel.Auto-connect integration panel click GitLab
  3. Enter the remote URL of the private git server.
  4. Enter credentials (username and password).
  5. Click Next.
  6. If there is an indication of an SSL error, the following screen is displayed.Git for Jira repository connection set sslVerify to false screen
  7. Click Ignore certificate errors and continue connection. This will ignore SSL verification if it's self-signed or expired.
  8. Click Next to connect to the repository or tracked repositories.
  9. Click Finish to complete the connection setup.

Manually Connect to HTTPS Git Repositories with Self-signed SSL Certificates or Other SSL Issues

When connecting to a private HTTPS git repository, a problem may be caused by a custom (self-signed) certificate. Make sure to install the latest JRE and then change theJAVA_HOME of Jira server. If the above solution doesn't work, see below for the steps to workaround this issue:

  1. From your Jira Server, clone the repository manually using the git client. Example:
    cd /jira/home
    cd data/git-plugin
    git clone --mirror https://my-self-signed-repo/project.git
  2. Make sure the Jira user has access to the folder above.
  3. Configure the repository to disable verification of the SSL certificate. Run git config http.sslVerify false in the repository folder. Example:
    cd project.git
    git config http.sslVerify false
  4. Add repository to the Git Integration Plugin using Advanced setup.
  5. Set repository root to the folder that was used in step 1. The clone will be kept up-to-date and the SSL verification issues will be ignored.

There are alternative solutions to make Java trust this certificate. Refer to the good articles from Atlassian which focuses on helping to resolve SSL Verification Issues:

  1. Unable to Connect to SSL Services due to PKIX Path Building Failed
  2. Connecting to SSL services

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