JQL Searching Jira Server only

Introduced v2.6.9 The Git Integration for Jira add-on has added JQL operators and fields to query Jira using JQL and git context via the Jira search.

The Jira JQL has been extended as follows:

Criteria Name JQL Field Syntax Description Search Result Value Example
Git Commits Referenced
  • gitCommitsReferenced is not empty
  • gitCommitsReferenced is empty
  • True for all issues referenced by a git commit
  • True for all issues not referenced by a git commit
True or “” (empty string)
Git Branch gitBranch in (Version-5.2, Version-5.3) True for all issues referenced by a git commit in branch Version-5.2 and branch Version-5.3 Version-5.2, Version-5.3
gitBranch in (master) AND resolution = Unresolved
gitCommitsReferenced is not empty AND resolution = Unresolved
You can download the utility to export JQL query results to CSV via https://github.com/BigBrassBand/jira2csv  open in new window/tab.