Jira User Information Card

As of v2.6.5 of the Git add-on, the Jira user card is available on the following screens:

  • Git Commits tab (Commit author name)
  • Repositories list (Last updated by)
  • Repository Browser (under Latest commit column)
  • Code diff dialog (Commit info)
Jira user card example showing more dropdown options

Hover the mouse pointer on the name of the user.  A small information box containing information such as email, zone & time and avatar for that user will appear.

Click Activity to view the latest activities performed by that user.

Click More > to open more options such as:

  • view this user’s profile,
  • view unresolved issues currently assigned to this user, or
  • go to the administration section for this user.
The Git User Identity should be configured for the specific user.  Otherwise, the user card information will not be displayed for that user.