Jira Data Center (High Availability and Clustering)

As of v2.6.12+ of the Git Integration for Jira app, the Data Center version of Jira is supported. Jira 6.3 or higher is required for Data Center editions of Jira.

The configured repositories are located on the shared resource, since the nodes do not contain their own copy of the repositories.

The smart commits are processed by the reindex job which run once per cluster. The node updates the index during the scheduled reindex job. For Jira Data Centers, the indexes are stored in each node.

The GarbageCollection job should be run once on one node at the same time. The following are indexing triggers:

  • Indexing is run on newly created repository on other nodes.
  • Entries from index will be removed from other nodes.
  • Reindex all repositories on other nodes when the reindex job is triggered.

For node changes:

When the number of nodes in the Data Center cluster is changed, the Jira administrator should manually perform a full reindex for all repositories to rebuild index on new nodes.

The trustFolderStat Setting

The trustFolderStat setting can be accessed in the following locations:

  • Jira dashboard menu Git > Manage repositories > General Settings.
  • Manage repositories > Actions > Edit integration connection settings.
  • Actions > Show integration repositories > click a repository (Integration > repository level settings).
  • Actions > Edit repository settings.
  • Manage repositories page > Connect to Git repository > Advanced setup.

When the trustFolderStat setting is set to false, the .git/objects/pack folder will be always scanned to check for new pack files. If set to true, the last-modified attribute of the folder will be used to check the folder for modifications.

The default setting for Jira Data Center is false.

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