Commit Email Notifications


The user must have the following permissions to get notifications:

  • developer access to the project
  • developer access to at least one project which is mapped to the repository
  • developer access to at least one project and the repository is mapped to all projects.


Access the settings for this feature via:

  1. Git for Jira app General Settings. JIRA SERVERGeneral commit notification setting
  2. Connect to Git Repository > Advanced Setup and Git Repositories (sidebar) > Edit Repository screens.Commit notification Advanced/edit repo screens
  3. Jira User Profile > Git Integration for Jira preferences > Git Commit Emails.User profile git commit emails configurationThis setting allows an individual user to receive or to stop receving any of the notification emails.


The user will get notifications when watching an issue or repository. The user will receive repository commit notifications if that repository is being watched by the user. If the user watches an issue, any commit related to the issue will be sent to that user as notifications.

User Profile Settings

By default, Jira email notification format is text-only.

Text formatted email notification

You can change this setting to HTML by going to User Profile > Preferences. Click the Edit pencil icon.

The following dialog is displayed:

User profile update pref settings

Change the Email Type to HTML. Click Update to save the changes. The email notifications that you receive will now be in HTML format.

HTML formatted commit email notification

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