Better Excel Exporter for Jira


Better Excel Exporter for Jira is an Atlassian Jira app that generates full-blown native Excel spreadsheet exports of your selected Jira reports.


Generate customized reports within Jira such as issues with selected / all fields, parent and child issues, issue comments, attachments, linked issues, and many more to native Excel spreadsheet files.

Easy and Simple

After installation of Better Excel Exporter for Jira, new links will appear in all aspects of the "Export" drop-down menus located throughout Jira.

Data Formats

The data is exported with real data type format such as dates, numbers and links. The exported file format (XLSX) is compatible with Google Docs, MacOS Numbers, Libre Office and Open Office.

Integration with Git Integration for Jira app

Use Better Excel Exporter to export the Git commits (all details!) associated with the Jira issues, and all Git Integration specific custom fields to the Excel spreadsheet format. It also offers a report template to create custom reports from Jira that are focused on development and Git information.

See it work

This example captures the details of the Jira issue and it's selected fields.

This example shows the workflow report and pivot table data report.

This example shows the workflow report and pivot chart data report.

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