App Integrations

Last updated: July 2020

This page contains information about other Atlassian apps that supports integration with our app (Git Integration for Jira) working in unison to create a greater Jira experience. For now, the apps that are listed below are the ones we are officially integrated with. As time goes on, this list will grow and provide more options making your Jira easier to use.

These are the Atlassian apps that are officially integrated with Git Integration for Jira. These outstanding apps perform their offered features while using the underlying functions of our Jira app.

Better PDF Exporter for Jira (Server / Data Center)

Better PDF Exporter for Jira is an Atlassian Jira app that generates professional documents from the information you track in Jira. It exports reports in the much familiar PDF file format which is the most widely-used electronic document format.

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Better Excel Exporter for Jira (Server / Data Center)

Better Excel Exporter for Jira is an Atlassian Jira app that generates full-blown native Excel spreadsheet exports of your selected Jira reports.

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SQL+JQL Driver: Transform JQL into SQL (Server / Data Center)

The SQL+JQL Driver app is a standard SQL which deploys an instance of the popular H2 database to the Jira memory. This becomes a virtual database in read-only mode representing all the Jira entities like projects, versions, components, issues, system and custom fields. It is business-oriented, independent and easier to write than Jira's native databse queries.

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More coming soon.